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About Jersey

About Jersey

Jersey A Place Where You Can Get Away From It All

Jersey is 100 miles south of mainland Britain and is the most southerly island off the British Isles. Jersey is closer to France, lying just 14 miles from the coast. 45 square miles in size Jersey has a lot to offer its visitors.

For those who like to take in the scenery by foot there’s the majestic cliffs or relax on one of Jersey’s many sandy beaches or explore with the kids in the rocky coves. Jersey grows and shrinks twice a day as the tide ebbs and flows in excess of 40 feet. Jersey has one of the largest tides in the world.

Jersey has something to offer every type of holiday maker. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or you want a week of adventure or a weekend of fine dining and shopping.

For more on what Jersey has to offer visit either www.theclubjersey.com or www.apollojersey.comĀ 

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